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Only those who can afford to lose enjoy #gambling... Love.

How do you say #LOVE in your native language? well, in #Igbo language, love is called "#Ifunanya" or "Ihunanya" which literary means "To see with the eye" when directly interpreted into English Language. Now, if to us, love means to see with the eye, why do you believe what they say; that love is blind? don't always allow yourself to be brain washed my dear, for love is not blind at all, you need to open your eyes wide, very wide, no pretense at all, accept only what you can live with, talk about them at the onset and try to get an acceptable solution. Never expect people to change for you, they may change in other to make the marriage happen but after that their true colour will gradually come to stay. Never #marry out of pity because your spouse won't be comfortable living with you and knowing that the connection between you too is that of pity and not love, every spouse desires to be loved and not to be pitied. No one is perfect, don'

MY STOLEN SELF, A Nigerian/Biafran War experience.

What did we know about wars? We were little then but we still remembered the Catechist advising our parents to make medals, inscribed with our names, the names of our parents and where we came from for us to wear round our necks, that sounded funny but the Priests and the Catechist sounded damn serious.  #War was coming seems to be the clear message, there was apprehension, palpable tension, and confusion among the people in Obigbo, our little community but the radio stations gave my dad assurances and hope for a better future in our country. My dad was a full time #farmer; he had migrated from Etiti near #Umuahia to Obigbo-Asa which was on the outskirts of #Port-Harcourt as you move from Aba to Port-Harcourt. He got himself a plot of land, where he built his own house and got married to the daughter of a fellow migrant, making this community the place of birth of all his children including me. My dad doesn’t believe in gossips, for him the truth only comes via the radio, so even

Euphemia Udanoh Live: Nwafor Orizu Was President Of Nigeria But Never Ho...

Euphemia Udanoh Live: Nwafor Orizu Was President Of Nigeria But Never Ho... : The mish-mash of Nigeria’s post-war history has permitted many sad revisions which in turn has made Nigerian historical studies and its...