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#killed by a #trigger happy #police officer in #Okigwe, #Imo State, #Nigeria

 "Inyanga de sleep, trouble go wake am" according to those who claimed to have witnessed what happened, a team of Police Officers from the Okigwe Police Station has gone out in pursuit of a group of #Marijuana smokers, somewhere near the tipper park. On siting the Police Officers, the Smokers took to their heels, the Officers however, according to an eye witness started interrogating a young man they found there who equally refused to run like others. They searched the young man and found an unwrapped marijuana on him even though he wasn't smoking any as at the time they came for the arrest. An attempt to have the young man arrested proved abortive because he claimed he wasn't doing any smoking and as such hasn't committed any crime, worthy of an arrest. This infuriated the Police Officers and in their attempt to have the young man arrested by force , one of  them, who is said to be named Nick, pulled out his #gun and shot him this equally invoked the anger

Their #DOG eat Their #BABY... #terrible!!!

 Grand Mother failed to feed the dog: a #Rottweiler and then She left to buy some items a few blocks away. Meanwhile, her grandchild was asleep in the room and being in a hurry to return in time, she only closed the door behind her. The few minutes it took her to dash across and buy what she needed was all it took for the baby to wake up and in the absence of anyone stepped out of the room in search of someone only to be confronted by a hungry and angry dog. By the time her Grand Mother rushed back, the little baby had already been torn apart by the hungry #Dog, this is not a story, it happened to a family in #Ubahu, #Okigwe, #Imo State #Nigeria this week, VERY #TERRIBLE !!! VERY VERY TERRIBLE !!!!!!!!!

Now that D.S.P #Alameseigha is #dead, now that they have killed him, let his #corpse be #extradited to the #UK... they (UK) seems to lack the courage to call people #corrupt until they are no longer in power.

 My problem with the UK is that they seem to lack the courage to call people corrupt and to treat people as corrupt until they are out of power and until they are been hounded by their political enemies in their country of origin, that in itself is a bigger corruption. If a man in power is corrupt and as a government, you are sincere about stopping corruption, you need not wait until he is out of power, make it known to the world while he is there and treat him as a corrupt person, refuse him entry into your country and reject the money he is investing in your country, stop him from acquiring these properties in the first place so that the idea of seizing properties  acquired and returning of looted funds won't even arise.   They say he who goes to equity must go with clean hands, those who accuse others of being corrupt need not be corrupt individuals themselves because that will only amount to pot calling the kettle black so those who cover them up should be exposed as well.