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travesty of justice

keeping a defendant in jail is travesty of justice. the law is that when bail conditions are excessive, it amounts to denial of bail to the accused persons- Chief Chris Uche (SAN) culled from the Authority daily newspaper of Jan 27 2016  "When prosecution becomes oppressive as it is done in the present clime, such prosecution becomes persecution. Now, like in this Chief Olisa Metu's case, this second case which has been completely taken to a different court is a little offshoot of a case that is pending at the Federal High Court. The statement that is said to have been torn is a statement that forms part and parcel of the proof of evidence in the case at the Federal High Court. If they had thought it necessary to charge him for destruction of that statement, even though that charge itself is one that is extremely obnoxious.  What they would have done was simply to add that count in the charge before the Federal High Court. But because what they are doing is more than pr

bREAKING NEWS... New Exco in NITP Imo State Chapter, sworn in.

 The New Executives of NITP Imo State Chapter were yesterday the 27th of January 2016 sworn into Office at the new NITP Secretariat, Owerri  by Tpl (Chief) D.C Obialor ppnitp while Tpl (Chief) Steve Onu ppnitp served as the Electoral Officer for the day. Those sworn into Office included the new Chairman of Imo State Chapter, Tpl. P. U. Onyenawuli, the Vice Chairman, Tpl (Lady) S. Osuji, the Secretary. Tpl O. M. Uzowuihe among others. Tpl Ukanwa A, was also re-elected, this time as the Financial Secretary.  

now that #Sunday Olisey has failed in his first national assignment...

 now that #Sunday Olisey has failed in his first national assignment, it is hoped that his pride will evaporate with his failure and he will settle down to the business of coaching the #Super Eagles and judge the players quality without sentiments.  The way he pushed Enyeama out of the national team is still grieving my heart. who is #Ahmed Musa to Captain the Eagles at this stage? ofcourse the player is good and can be a future captain but not now, how many caps does he have, how experienced is he? it is obvious that Olisey was looking for a quiet and obedient Captain who can't stand up to him or be able to defend the right of his follow players. If you must sack your Captain at least courtesy demands that you allow him make a valedictory speech, thank his fellow players for cooperating with him all along and then hand over to the new captain, that would have just been fair and square. The competition that would have arisen between Enyeama and #Ikeme would just have been wonder

Where is President Buhari’s think tank? - Punch Newspapers

Where is President Buhari’s think tank? - Punch Newspapers : 4775The questions of the whereabouts of President Muhammadu Buhari’s think tank, and whether he indeed has one that is up and running were raised by two recent events. These are his December 30, 2015 media chat and the very recent visit of the Managing Director of the International Monetary Fund, Christine Lagarde. The media chat

Labour Union Gives Imo Govt Ultimatum To Reverse Workers Suspension - Channels Television

Labour Union Gives Imo Govt Ultimatum To Reverse Workers Suspension - Channels Television : Labour unions in Imo State have given the State government a seven-day ultimatum to reverse the indefinite suspension of workers in 19 parastatals.

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