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DAMINAJ: JUICY JIST: Paul Okoye launches record label "Rude Boy Records...

DAMINAJ: JUICY JIST: Paul Okoye launches record label "Rude Boy Records... : Ladies and Gentlemen, Square records might just be done and over with as well as Psquare because Paul Okoye   just unveiled his new reco...

#Agatu Local Govt. under the #siege of rampaging #Fulani #herdsmen in #Nigeria

#Agatu under the siege of rampaging #Fulani herdsmen, who are spreading death, destruction and terror every where, killing, maiming and plundering all the way. Agatu is a local government in #Benue State #Nigeria, they are dying everyday in the hands of migrant Fulanis, from where will their help come from, where are the #Nigerian #Police?, where are the Nigerian #Army? defenseless men are women are being hacked down in cold blood.  now, it is blood, blood, blood every where: #Aba, #Onitsha, #Ogoni, #Ubulu-uko, Agatu. who are those being killed, who are those doing the killings? #Amnesty International, #BBC, #VOA, #AFP, #CNN, #United #Nations, etc don't they have officials in this country, don't they have offices here, why are they all silent over these killings, maybe they are compromised,because in Nigeria anything can happen. What is happening in Agatu is ethnic cleansing and the perpetrators need to be brought to book but who will bring them to book? they ar

#Nigerian #Army invades Yeghe, #Ogoniland in search of militants...

 #Governor of #Rivers State Nigeria, Nyesom #Wike on a visit to Yeghe, Ogoniland, after the Army invaded the community in search of militants. houses where demolished and lives lost. While urging the Ogoni people not to take the laws into their hands, Governor Wike said: “All those who masterminded these killings will face justice. They are busy causing crisis because of their evil plan to declare a state of emergency in the state. Since they failed in my case, they will fail in others because God is greater than them”. Governor Wike noted that he has always advised the military to arrest criminals and hand them over to the police for prosecution in line with the rules of engagement and not to take actions that would harm innocent citizens. He denied ever making inflammatory statements on the Ogoni political arena, saying that he only campaigned for his political party. According to him, it is within his political right to guide the people on the electoral choice they have to make

A #jealous #woman does better #research than #FBI


#Buhari Achievement Since assuming Office Nine Months__ (300 DAYS) IN OFFICE

Buhari Achievement Since assuming Office Nine Months__ (300 DAYS) IN OFFICE ... 1) Niger Republic (May 2015). 2) CHAD (June 2015). 3) Germany (June 2015).                                                                                       4) South Africa (June 2015). 5) United Kingdom (May 2015). 6) USA (July 2015). 7) Benin Republic (August 2015). 8) France (September 2015). 9) Ghana (September 2015). 10) India (October 2015). 11) Sudan (October 2015). 12) Iran (November 2015). 13) France (November 2015). 14) USA (November 2015). 15) South Africa (December 2015). 16) Benin Rep. (December 2015). 17) UAE (January 2016). 18) Kenya (January 2016). 19) Ethiopia (January 2016). 20) France (February 2016). 21) United. Kingdom (February 2016). 22) Egypt (February 2016). 23) Saudi Arabia (February 2016). 24) Qatar (February 2016). David Briggs - Scannews facebook post