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ALERT!!! cartoon film with Homo characters for kids, premiered for release... read more.

Disney is premiering its first children cartoon film with Homosexual character, soon the films will be in the market and possibly shown on some public television.  This is the time to watch what your kids are watching or risk losing them to the world. The times are definitely bad and the devil keep tryout his options, they want to gradually steal the hearts of the children before they grow and make them get used to seeing men kiss men and women kiss women in a loving and caring way, preparing their mindset for the greater evil in the future, you have to be at alert, once their heart is stolen every other thing is gone.  Click on the following link for more details. via @usatoday

An #Igboman can never be a President of #Nigeria... If..

An  # Igboman  can never be a President of  # Nigeria . If they make him a President, they will make him the worst president of Nigeria ever. If they don't impeach him before the end of his tenure, they will jail him at the end of his tenure either way they will make him a failure.  An average Igboman doesn't care who becomes a President, his basic interest is equal rights and justice, he wants a competitive market, a merit based system where the best is celebrated not a system of  mediocrity based on quota ideology and the concept of educationally less developed states. A system that celebrates mediocrity will continue to move in circles, round and round without progress. They need a system that allows each people to develop at its own pace, managing its own resources with laws unique to its own environment, tradition and culture.   With this kind of a society, most people would rather be the governors of their people than be the President of a Nigeria.  Alex Ekwu