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Over his #dead body...

As long as: They are not seeking your #death, They are not  seeking your hurt, They are enduring their pains, Come rains come shines, Trying the very best they can, To become personalities in this life, To make it to the very top, To succeed in their endeavours, And as long as, you keep saying, is, Over your dead body that They shall succeed, then, So shall it be, for You pronounced it and Has maintained it, You shall die and They shall succeed, Without you, being a witness, Because, you are dead and buried. Love your neighbour or Just mind your business, Those who dig pits to kill, Their neighbours, If they don't repent They shall die in their own pits.


1. Budget discrepancy: Senate, Reps summon Finance, National Planning ministers. -Vanguard news 2. Buhari wants to provoke Biafrans into retaliation, IPOB.- DAILY SUN NEWS 3. If I open up, Nigeria will burn, Jonathan's ex ADC.- DAILY SUN NEWS 4. APC to meet over Supreme Court rulings.- DAILY SUN NEWS 5. FG slaps fresh graft charges on ex-oil rebel leader, Tompolo.- VANGUARD NEWS

Nigerian National Budget of Errors...

#Nigerian National #Budget of Errors and Embarrassment, prepared by President #Buhari's Budget Office of excellence, under the watchful eyes of all progressives congress APC's saintly and incorruptible National Ministers. Where these erroneous figures a mere mistake or a well calculated act with the intention to loot public treasury as soon as the budget was approved.   The National Assembly even found out that the Budget for some government agencies where either padded with higher figures or was a direct duplication of former President #Jonathan Budget of 2015, hmm! pity!! #isthisnottheheightofgrossimcompetency by public Officials? If it where in civilized Countries, some persons would have tendered their resignation for negligence of duty but try it in Nigeria and #APC will tell you that PDP did worst mistakes as if #PDP was pushed out for APC to come and repeat same or worst mistakes.

Speaking works of Okigwe's finest Sculptor extraordinaire..., Da Skin is his name.

Speaking works of Okigwe's finest Sculptor extraordinaire..., Da Skin is his name, Okigwe his kingdom and we are his admirers.                                Next time you come around the hood, ask of Animal Skin the guy with the magic fingers.