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Impossibility is nothing

Taxi please take us to church" the taxi driver looked at Martins and his family and said "your money na 1000 Naira" they haggled back and forth until they agreed at a price. Martins needed a car badly, he was spending a fortune on taxis and there were times when he and his family would be drenched under the rain because they couldn't find a taxi. He had been praying about it but nothing seemed to happen until he came across a scripture in the bible that says Isaiah 61;7 (KJV) For your shame ye shall have double. Martins had faced a lot of shame for not having a car, many times, water got splashed on him and he had to go back home to change his clothes, he had to rely on friends to pick him up and take him where he needed to go sometimes. It was quite difficult to move around without a car. When Martins saw that scripture in the bible, he was excited and he told his wife that they could believe God for 2 cars instead of one car so they started buying things they ne