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#APCCHANGEPROMO... become a billionaire.


Why President Goodluck Jonathan lost... read more.

I knew that #PresidentGoodluckJonathan was going to fail, it was pretty obvious, he didn't understand the people he was ruling, as a matter of fact, when he should have imported cattle in large quantity and shared among northern youths as grants for the time being, he was busy spending money on the construction of #almajiri schools. kai! the man who gave him that idea was the man who ruined him, schools he should have constructed in the east, that was what he was busy doing in the north, who ever told him that the almajiri desires his kind of education, that was an insult to them so Bokoharam "say no to western education " went on rampage and it was easy to recruit plenty almajiri who felt they were being insulted. If Jonathan had given them more cows instead of education he would have won in the north with a landslide. Give to the people what they desire, by now with modern ranches every where in the north Nigeria would have started the exportation of beef. this idea o

Corruption is ...

corruption also means quota system in education, with 39marks, you are denied admission, yet your schoolmate who got 20marks, 10 below yours gets admission on merits, that is institutionalized corruption. My little sister once scored above the cutoff mark for entrance into the federal unity colleges, and it was followed with jubilation and congratulations for her but when the time came for admission, her name could not be traced even though she scored above the minimum entry score. On inquiry, we were officially informed that the quota reserved for Imo State has already been filled and so she can't be admitted but though she had a good score. The most painful thing was that some of those who scored far below her but came from some other States in Nigeria were admitted while she was asked to go home. The Nigerian quota system in education is anti-merit, it is discriminatory, it encourages laziness and should be scraped. Half baked graduates is the direct result of quota system in