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Blood Cattle #notobloodcattle.

Until you learn to say no to "Blood Cattle", no to blood beef, until they bring it and no one buys it, they will continue to kill, to destroy and to murder you for their cattle to eat and to survive. They will continue to be invincible to the Police and other security agencies, they will continue to be non Nigerians on a killing spree within the borders of Nigeria, there is only way for us to survive, for them to become visible and for them to stop, the solution is in our hands, we must rise up, we and our people and say #NOTOBLOODCATTLE #notobloodbeef. as the message spreads and the people comply, peace will return. so will respect. share.     +Nigeria We Serve    +BBC News   +BBC Africa   +VOA News   +CCTV Africa   +CNN International   +ABC News   +AFP news agency   +Reporters sans frontières   +United Nations   +United Nations Human Rights   +Channels Television    +Sun News Report   +Daily Mail   +Fox News   +The Voice of Germany - Offiziell   +News18   +OBSERVER   +Am