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Conditional Cash Transfer Scheme of Nigeria... the truth.

When you make a hard core #Igboman the #President of #Nigeria, "maka Chukwu!" one thing is certain, he will turn the entire country into one big market, everyone becomes a #Trader ready to sale or buy. He will turn the Armed Forces, the Prisons, MDA's etc into workshops, everyone must produce something for sale in other to buy something because nothing goes for nothing everything is business. When you make a true #Yorubaman, the President of Nigeria, "beni, ha!" one thing is certain, he will turn Nigeria into one big Research #Institute.#Grammer and #Comedy will become the other of the day, if he is not busy propounding theories and theories on how to solve the problems of Nigeria, he will of-course be entertaining Nigerians with one huge joke or the other, Saturday mornings will become sacred, nothing will hold that day not even Environmental Sanitation because #Party Riders will be suffering from Friday night hang over.  When a core #Fulaniman is made