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#zee world: the best #entertainment #tv in the world

Zee world Tv is the best entertainment Television on planet earth, at no point of their program would you want your kids or the under aged to leave the room, it is a TV for everyone, anytime.  Minimal violent scenes, minimal on air romance scene, total lack of abnormal, un-natural and abhored sexual orientations, absence of nudity or semi-nude scenes/compromising positions, minimal kissing scenes, you rarely find scenes on witches and wizards. Zee is the cleanest television in the world with wonderful and intriguing story lines even though they tend to worship deities more than #Africa. Ever since i discovered Zee, i had always struggled to watch Telemundo. Keep it up Zee, don't let them corrupt you with their satanic sex orientations-my most hated scenes.

#why African leaders needs to be re-colonized at least...

#Government is not supposed to be a #profit making organization or venture, it is a #social contract between the #people and the state. The people pay #taxes to the #State, who in turn provides them with security and social infrastructures, the power belongs to the people and not the State and the people decides who rules them.  Unfortunately most of our present day leaders don't know that, they see themselves as gods the moment they are elected, the man to decide and the man to be worshiped.                      Some of them probably thinks that their position is guaranteed because they ride in black jeeps with armed officers around them, they need to type the word "#Arab spring" in their google site and learn because when the people decide to go mad at once, the armed men will not have enough space to aim, let alone shoot and they will step down from their offices without a court order.  The basic job of the ruler is to solve the problems of the people and when you do