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A gay man slapped by a highly placed Nigerian Politician... that's the only kind of news they'll react to fast.

If that was to be the case, the news will spread like wild fire across America and Europe, they will run commentary on  +BBC Africa   +VOA News    +CNN International   +AFP news agency   +Fox News  etc even  +Human Rights Watch    +United Nations Human Rights   +Amnesty International   +Amnesty International USA  and the likes will talk endlessly about it, their various governments will come up with sanctions against the country if they fail to prosecute the highly placed politician, the politician himself would be banned from travelling to the United States and the United Kingdom because that's the only thing they care about in Africa, Gays and lesbians, Abortionist, Female Genital Mutilation and our Mineral Resources. Today people are being killed left, right and center by #Fulaniherdsmen in Nigeria, killing humans that cows may live and who is talking about it? how many world leaders are talking about it, they are waiting for refugees, so that they will queue us up and give us

BBC has gone blind and VOA dumb as #Fulaniherdsmen go on rampage across Nigeria.

  +BBC News   +BBC Africa   +VOA News    +Human Rights Without Frontiers International   +Amnesty International   +AFP news agency    +CNN International

Enugu Massacre by #Fulaniherdsmen

Chika Oha  shared  Samson Onyema 's  post  to the group: NDIGBO AWAKE . Yesterday at 19:12  ·  BlackBerry Smartphones App  ·  Samson Onyema  added  5 new photos . Yesterday at 08:36  ·  I make this post with a shattered heart. The Fulani cattle rearers have decided to exterminate us. More than 30 persons have been killed so far in a recent clas ... See more   +VOA News    +BBC News    +AFP news agency    +Amnesty International    +United Nations Human Rights   +CNN International  

Mayhem by #Fulaniherdsmen in Enugu... as State Governor weeps.

Our State houses of Assembly should as a matter of urgency pass bills setting up State Vigilante Services SVS to guide especially the remote rural areas from this kind of attacks. The Vigilante Services should be well equipped to hold brief for the Police and other Security Agencies in emergency situations. Our Governors should stop crying on TV because their tears won't stop the situation, they should stop running to Abuja for help, this is an opportunity to create jobs for youths, cordinate neighbourhood watches to work with the State Vigilante Service that then Assist the Police and other security agencies of the federal government, don't wait till your people are slaughtered. This is not a matter of romancing words to be in the good books of the federal government, this is not about politics, it is a matter of death and life, be a man for once, stand up for your people, no one has killed Gov. Fayoshe, Gov. Wike is not dead, if Gov. Elrufai can dare to send an anti-Christi

Abdel-yekeen Oyedele calls for the continued killing of Biafrans(Igbo-Nigerians) by #Fulaniherdsmen on facebook

‎ Azolike Nonso Afamefuna ‎   to   NIGERIAN PEOPLE'S PARLIAMENT 4 hrs  ·  Fulani Herdsmen Launch Fresh Attack In Enugu Community - Daily Post . There is confusion in Enugu State following reports that Fulani herdsmen have launched a fresh attack in Umuchigbo, another community in the State. . Umuchigbo is in Enugu East Council Area of the State. The reported attack is happening while the Inspector General of Police, IGP, Solomon Arase is at Nimbo community in Uzo-Uwani council area where a similar attack occurred two days ago and left scores dead. ... See more Like Like Love Haha Wow Sad Angry Comment Share 43 43 99 shares Comments 7 of 90 View previous comments Usman Sufyanu   May God bring peace on them ameen Like  ·  Reply  ·  24 mins Abdl-yekeen Oyedele   Biafrans are calling for war,

Abdl-yekeen Oyedele calls for the continued killing of Biafrans(Igbo-Nigerians) by #Fulaniherdsmen on facebook

Abdl-yekeen Oyedele   Biafrans are calling for war,hahaha!!! Just ordnary fulani are killing biafran like snail i pity you pple.lazy pple fulani rid on notin go do you. Like  ·  Reply  ·  4 mins Cletus Odey Ebiala   This herdsmen are animals, they should not be accommodated in any community Like  ·  Reply  ·  Ju st now