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Your future Mother-inlaw and you.

If as a woman, you are praying for the death of your future mother In-law, hoping to marry a man whose mother is dead because you are scared, you are simply asking God to kill you before your son's wedding. Those who want their mother in-law dead will never become a mother in-law, it is as simple as that so be careful about what you pray for.  You should rather pray to marry into a family that will love and appreciate you, to marry a man whose mother will see you as her daughter, a mother in-law who will be accommodating and very understanding.  When you marry a man, remember he has a mother, the chances that he adores his mother is very high, do not try to kidnap him from his mother, do not try to compete with his mother, do not try to come in between them, you are his wife not his mother, he will love you as his wife not his mother. Some mothers may become jealous, especially those who are very close to their son and those who are becoming mother in-law for the first time.