Mayhem by #Fulaniherdsmen in Enugu... as State Governor weeps.

Our State houses of Assembly should as a matter of urgency pass bills setting up State Vigilante Services SVS to guide especially the remote rural areas from this kind of attacks.
The Vigilante Services should be well equipped to hold brief for the Police and other Security Agencies in emergency situations. Our Governors should stop crying on TV because their tears won't stop the situation, they should stop running to Abuja for help, this is an opportunity to create jobs for youths, cordinate neighbourhood watches to work with the State Vigilante Service that then Assist the Police and other security agencies of the federal government, don't wait till your people are slaughtered.
This is not a matter of romancing words to be in the good books of the federal government, this is not about politics, it is a matter of death and life, be a man for once, stand up for your people, no one has killed Gov. Fayoshe, Gov. Wike is not dead, if Gov. Elrufai can dare to send an anti-Christian bill to his house of assembly, why can't you act for the sake of those who voted you into office, don't weep, don't shout, don't make noise about it, just act now, even the federal government is maintaining a civilian JTF in the north, don't be a coward for ever, stand up for your people.

Uzoamaka Aniekezie Pls say something after crying



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