What you may not know about Mbano

Mbano, presently made up of Isiala-Mbano, and Ehime-Mbano local governments of Imo State was originally made up of four clans named: MBA-AMA, UGIRI, OSUH and EHIME.Today, the present Ehime-Mbano local government is made up of the entire Ehime Clan, part of Osu clan and some Etiti communities.
       Isiala-Mbano on it's part is now made up of Mba-ama, Ugiri, and Osuh.
Osuh as one of the four major clans that make up Mbano is made up of three sub-clans: Osuh-Achara, Osuh-Owerre and Osuh-Ama.
All other towns and communities within the two local governments are part of the original Mba-Ano(four clans) with the exception of Nsu communities in Ehime-Mbano local government area who are originally from the old Etiti communities now Ihitte/Uboma and Obowo.
     Well, have you got anything to say so far? 
Some popular towns in Mbano includes but not limited to Umuezela(Aba branch): there are so many Umuezela's though, Anara, Amaraku, Umunachi, Umunumo, Obiohuru, Umuduru, Ugiri, Umunchi, Umukabia, Agbaja, Umunakanu, Nzerem, Obollo, Umueze, you can add the rest for now. 
There is a school of thought which suggests that Ndi-Mbano had migrated from some where in Orlu to their present location.



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