Environmental Health of the people


   1.    All certified professional beggars shall be deported to their various states of origin within 100 days in office, these people now constitute a nuisance to the environment, I don’t  understand why  these set of lazy tribe, can’t even engage in the buying and selling of pure water, or the picking and selling of waste items like plastics, bottles and scrap metals as other poor Nigerians do for survival, they prefer to loiter about begging, the worst part is their multiplication rate, they keep giving bath like street dogs, at the age of 10, they are already perambulating about with big bellies.  The only job their male counterparts are good at is sex and impregnation, you see them lying shamelessly on the street corners waiting for the money, the little kids as young as 4 years are going about to beg from passersby.  Is this not Child abuse? They are impregnated on the streets, they give birth on the streets, they are trained on the streets, potential suicide bombers and nobody is saying or doing anything, yet we have voted in lawmakers who don’t see anything wrong in our society. 

     2. In partnership with private individuals, agencies and organizations, we shall construct a state of the arts cattle ranch facility and all cattle rearing activity must be done within the boundaries of the ranch, doing otherwise shall be a punishable offence. All offenders shall be sentenced to two months imprisonment and shall in addition forfeit the cattle to the government and pay relevant compensation to individuals whose farms they have destroyed
if they are found to have destroyed them.  All over the world, cattle rearing are now done in ranches not people moving about with cattle, throwing cattle dung all over the place and destroying people’s farms as well as the aesthetic views of our towns and cities. Our problem is that most of our politicians don’t have balls except when it comes to bullying their own people. Selling of meats in the open market shall be banned, meat selling shall only take place in abattoirs where Vet. Doctors shall declare them safe for human consumption before the selling begins and prices shall be determined by means of weighing only. 



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