#Buhari please probe #Jonathan's administration, we the poor masses need a president who has the guts to really fight corruption to a standstill, someone with enough balls to step on toes, not just talking and playing to the gallery, if you are that man then the time to start is now but don't start with Jonathan, that is pure witch-hunt, we all no that, to start with him is to confirm our fears that you are still aggrieved because he stopped you from being president the other time and gave you a good fight this time.
If you don't know where to start, why not start with #Babangida, probe all the contracts that he awarded in the construction of Abuja, probe the sale of our crude oil during the gulf war, probe his ministers and officials, because that man is super rich, how did he come by those wealth, probe the source of his wealth and confirm to us that he is clean.
 Probe all the ministers and political appointees of #Sani Abacha, including all contracts he awarded and tell us those of them who are clean.
Please take a look at the eight years administration of #Obasanjo, his privatizations, award of contracts, his ministers, etc. #Obasanjo is one of the richest people in Nigeria, how did he come by such a wealth, judging by the fact that he left political detention to become president, who was managing all this wealth for him while he was in prison? please probe this man and tell Nigerians the truth if you have the guts and the audacity to dare.
Look at #Tinubu, do you really know how much that man is worth now? who was he and what did he own before becoming the Lagos State governor, can that be compared to his wealth now? #Buhari please probe that man and tell us the truth and after all these probes, you can face #Jonathan and we shall #clap.



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