Academic versus Natural intelligence

Academic intelligence is a straight line graph but Natural intelligence when plotted on a graph results in a curve and the point or points of intersections between them when plotted on the same graph is the sum total of completeness, or intelligence.
Of the two, the best is natural intelligence or wisdom, it is the foundation on which academic intelligence should be built for it to properly benefit humanity. When you are naturally intelligent you can be a billionaire without knowing how to write your name and yet you are paying salaries to educated people working for you. Being naturally intelligent gives you the room to create and manage wealth while academic intelligence sharpens and brightens your skills, making you adapt faster and arrive at a solution faster too.
If natural intelligence is lacking then the house to be built by the academic intelligence won't have a foundation, even after graduation you will still be looking for ideas to build upon while the naturally intelligent is swimming in ideas even without academic intelligence but will lack the ability for innovations, quicker adaptations and easy access to resources.
Ndi-Igbo have natural intelligence in abundance so the moment they started acquiring academic intelligence, they started becoming a force to be reckoned with even without official government patronage and encouragement as well as stagnating federal policies. Some of their counter parts has every government support, as a matter of fact they are pampered from free education to discriminatory lower cut of points in entering into higher institutions of learning, they have everything the Igbo's needed desperately yet they lack the essential ingredient, the stuff to innovate, the foundation, the natural intelligence, so they end up still being spoon fed where ever they find themselves.
Without a strong federal support and patronage, most will simply liquidate but if half of that support is channeled to even the illiterate artisans and businessmen in #Aba, #Nnewi, Port-Harcourt, Uyo, Asaba, Owerri and #Onitsha to mention but a few, Nigeria will never remain the same again and everyone irrespective of tribe will be happy for it but tribalism will never give room for that in Nigeria, so we will continue to move in circles until #Ndi-Igbo and their brothers are given their rightful place.



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