Scrapping of Post-UTME in Nigeria... why JAMB Exam should have been scrapped instead.

I heard that Nigeria has scrapped the #POST-UTME that is the post-unified tertiary matriculation examination, a kind of screening or test organized by universities for their intending students. I understand that there was jubilation over that announcement by some people, that to me is very appalling.
Everywhere in the world, #Universities conduct a test or screening for their would-be students be it oral or written and why must it be a crime in #Nigeria.  If you do not meet the minimum standard for admission into such institutions you won't be admitted.
Nigeria should have scrapped #JAMB Examination (Joint admissions and matriculation board) instead of POST-UTME. Why should there be a joint board for admissions into Universities in Nigeria, why should Jamb decide who gets admission and where? the answer is very simple, it is so that the discriminatory concept of educationally-less-developed-states ELDS can be strictly implemented.
A policy that removes level playing ground for would be undergraduates, a policy that kills and buries meritocracy in the admission process, a concept that punishes and discourages students from some sections of this contrary from desiring to acquire education and in turn rewards very lazy would be students from other parts of the country.
This is the bane of Nigerian education system, some students are pampered by the federal government and given admissions they don't merit at the expense of those who should have gotten such admissions purely on merit.
This ensures that the Igbo people can not dominate the education sector because of their uncontrollable appetite for education. So the State determines how many people gets admitted into individual departments of individual universities and ensures that minimum quota for some special tribes in Nigeria are maintained at the expense of those qualified. So when they say the cut off or minimum mark is 180, it means an Igbo child who scores 250 marks can still lose admission into some important departments while someone from another tribe who scores 180 gets admitted on merit. This is why i hate our education system. When it comes to education they talk about educationally less developed states but when it comes to federal appointments or infrastructural developments no one talks about FEDERAL-APPOINTMENTS-DEFICIENT-STATES or INFRASTRUCTURAL LY-LESS-DEVELOPED-STATES. That explains why people score 300 marks in JAMB and when subjected to POST-UTME the same candidate is struggling to score 180 marks.
JAMB should be amended to focus only on ensuring that infrastructures and equipment in schools corresponds with the number of students being admitted into those departments and to sanction erring Universities as well as their other functions with the exception of organizing examinations and giving admissions to students. Admission exams should be left for the Universities, so that aspiring students can apply and write these exams in as many universities as they choose in year provided their exam date doesn't clash and if it does it becomes the lose of the student.  You can't continue to pamper a section of these country in a critical sector like education for ever and expect the country to develop. Every #NIGERIAN must know how to read and write but tertiary education should be left for those who have what it takes no matter whether they are from #AREWA, #ODUDUWA OR #BIAFRA. Tertiary education should be by means of competition and merit not by concessions based on perceived tribal sentiments. You can't encourage a student to sturdy by awarding him free marks in an examination, know instead you can buy him/her gifts. Nigeria needs to stop encouraging laziness and awarding degrees to illiterates under the guise of educationally less developed states, we can't afford to do that for ever.  JAMB should focus on other things and leave examinations and admissions in the hands of University, another man can be driving a car and you will be in the passengers car applying the breaks for him. If they so wish, they can monitor the quality of admission exams conducted by these universities. Back in the days, when post-utme wasn't existing,  i lost admission into a federal university located in my state, that didn't annoy me in anyway what made me cry later was that some other with by far smaller marks had their names pasted on the notice board to have gotten admissions on merit and in the very first list pasted, we had to apply for supplementary forms and i still lost out, it was very discouraging but i was determined.   +Nigeria We Serve  +BBC News +BBC Africa +VOA News +CCTV Africa +CNN International +ABC News +AFP news agency +Reporters sans frontières +United Nations +United Nations Human Rights +Channels Television  +Sun News Report +Daily Mail +Fox News +The Voice of Germany - Offiziell +News18 +OBSERVER +Amnesty International +Congressman Xavier Becerra +euronews (in English) +European Commission +Al Jazeera English +The White House



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