#Facebook, #Twitter and #free speech

Facebook, Twitter and other social media must rise up above partisan politics and the #Establishments in various countries of the world to defend the right to #freespeech on their platforms. 

They must not succumb to intimidation and harassment from governments of the world. They need to understand that they are the last hope for humanity, the home for the common man on the streets of the cities and remote villages of this world, the only place you can authoritatively feel the purse of the down trodden. 

Where we gather to speak our minds and express our innermost desires, they may be making money but they render one of the biggest and most essential service to humanity. The project of social media is one that must not be allowed to die or to be influenced by governments of this world. 

Owners of these plat forms should rather strive to encourage more uses, they should collaborate to cover more rural areas and if possible look into the issue of free wifi, network, data across the surface of the earth. 

Freedom of speech must be protected by all means, giving voice to all manner of oppressed people globally. They should keep doing their good job, by helping to make the world a better place. Today, because of the number of people report various issues on the net, we are now determining the topic for the professional Journalist, they are now compelled to do more investigation about our stories, to publish in-depth findings about the topics on the net. that is the best way to go. #Governments are now forced to deny or confirm allegations made on Facebook or Twitter, these developments will only lead to better world. #free-speech, #human-rights #UN
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