#IstillstandwithTrump... #PresidentTrump

President Donald Trump is a hard core nationalist, the type needed by any country that has the interest of its citizens at heart. Every migrant should first understand that he or she is going to a different country with different, Norms and #Values, the #Migrant must first accept to respect such values, ideals, norms and #culture of the people he/she is intending to live with and that should be a precondition for their stay.
One can't keep on importing miscreants into his or her #country in the name of human rights that are not even acceptable in the migrants country of origin, I mean if you love your culture so much that you are not willing to adapt then stay in your country and practice your culture to the fullest. 
The basic interest of a true leader should be to protect the life of his citizens at all cost. To do or take any action that tends to protect the properties of his people irrespective of what any one thinks and that is what President Trump is doing and #Americans needs to give him their support. #IstillstandwithTrump



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