Marriage Secrets Chapter I

1. Marry someone who has ONE thing you desire the most, your biggest turn on. 
Before you get married, you must first identify the quality you would love the most in your spouse that is the most important quality of all the qualities you desire to find in your husband or wife to be. No one they say is perfect, it is difficult to find a person who is going to have all the qualities you desire, so you just pick the most important one, these qualities may include: 
a. He/She must be handsome/beautiful 
b. Must be taller or shorter 
c. Must be slim/fat 
d. Must be well educated or at least a secondary school leaver 
e. Must be working or at least have a sustainable means of livelihood 
f. Must be good at the kitchen or at the bed 
g. Must come from a rich family background 
h. Must come from a politically connected family
i. Must be a good Christian 
j  Must be a good Muslim 
k. Must be honest and kind 
l.  Must have time for me 
m.Must be a hard worker.
n. Must be loving and caring etc 
Of all these desires you must choose the must important desire for you, then if He/She has that one, any other one He/She gets to have becomes an added advantage. So you marry for one and that one should be the most important one. 
2. Marry someone who does not possess your must hated attitude, character or turn off.
Just like you did when marshaling out your likes or desires above, you must do same with the things you hate the most, if for example you hate slim ladies then even if the lady in question possess your most desired quality like probably ability to cook as long as she is slim, you are not supposed to marry her because ultimately you will find it difficult introducing her to your friends and relatives and she wouldn't like that and it could always lead to conflicts later on.
As a married person there are alot of things you would have to endure for your marriage to last because like i said earlier there are no perfect persons but marrying someone who has your must hated quality would not be easy. At a point you will always feel like a bird in a cage, imprisoning yourself for life wouldn't be easy, It could lead to conflicts, remember, you can marry someone who does some things you don't like but you can't marry someone who does things you hate the most. These things and qualities could include: 
a. You don't like short people or tall people or fat people or slim people or dark people
b. You don't like people who smoke or are into alcohol or drugs. 
c. You don't like party riders or marrying actors or actresses etc
You must arrange them according to how much you hate these qualities, select your most hated quality and avoid getting involve with those who possess them even if they have something you desire.     
3.  . Never marry with the hope that He/She will or have changed for you.
Another big mistake people make, don't marry on the premise that someone has changed, it rarely works. People may change because they love you, they want to get married to you but only very very few people will keep that promise, especially when it has to do with character. If someone is quick tempered, then he/she is quick tempered, marry him or her if you can cope with that especially if the person possesses something else that can make you forget his/her quick temper. 
Those who quit smoking because of you may begin it 5years later out of provocation by you or someone else. If you must endure then you should prepare to endure or manage, marriage is for life and divorce is harder on your kids. Marry with your eyes wide open and when you are married, you stay married with one of your eyes closed. 
Closed to the things you don't like but can endure. If you like this piece, watched out for Chapter II or email us at for contributions, advice or tip off.



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