Buhari can address Nigeria on NTA via SKYPE...

So in this age and time of SKYPE and other VIDEO CALL technologies, the presidency must have to fly out Governors to London just to confirm to Nigerians that Mr President is not dead, ooh! what a pity even when all the poorest television stations in the world is hosting their programs with these video calling technologies, video clips recorded on smart phones etc the worst part is that at the end of the day, they will all come back with one single photo shot to display to all Nigerians as evidence that the President is recuperating fast.

They all have smart phones why don't they show us their own personally selfies with the President or that a crime now or is it also a crime for some of them to record the meeting on the phones and post on their social media accounts.

Do we really need to spend all that money just to prove that? Mr President can comfortably address this country even from his sick bed in London on NTA using SKYPE, are we this daft. Is it that we are all morons in this country or that someone has bewitched all of us? Is it not our right to know what is happening to our President? to become a president is to lose your privacy, this is something we must all know more especially those who belong to everybody and to nobody. Enough of APC and their packaging, we demand to see Buhari on a video footage, let him interact with us on a live broadcast, so that we can wish him fast recovery ourselves. #Buharivideoclip #Nigeria +Nigeria We Serve  +BBC News +BBC Africa +VOA News +CCTV Africa +CNN International +ABC News +AFP news agency +Reporters sans frontières +United Nations +United Nations Human Rights +Channels Television  +Sun News Report +Daily Mail +Fox News +The Voice of Germany - Offiziell +News18 +OBSERVER +Amnesty International +Congressman Xavier Becerra +USA.gov +euronews (in English) +European Commission +Al Jazeera English +The White House   +The Real Donald Trump +Google Africa +AFPA +AFP Africa +The Sun +The New York Times +The Associated Press +Daily Trust +The Guardian +Rex Tillerson +Rex W. Tillerson Exxon +Fox News +Boris  Johnson   +GIDITRAFFIC +Amaka Ekwo-Marchie #biafra


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