JAMB: a tool which ensures that illiterates...

The Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, JAMB is a federal government tool which is used to ensure that lazy illiterates are given certificates as graduates of Universities, Polytechnics and Colleges of Education across Nigeria. 

How else can you describe an organization which sees 100 out of a possible 400 scores which amounts to 25% as a pass mark for gaining admission into higher Institutions where 40% to 45% is seen as a pass mark. 

The question is what is a student  who could not score 40% in JAMB going to do in an Institution where 45% is the pass mark for every single course? JAMB is not interested in maintaining standards in learning, it is not interested in improving learning and knowledge, it's basic interest is to ensure that we have illiterates as certified graduates.  

JAMB is killing the standard of education in Nigeria, it is reducing our Universities to glorified secondary schools by ensuring that those who can't score 40% in JAMB administered exams are admitted into our higher institutions to create all manner of problems to our lecturers and our education system. 
JAMB should know that education is for everybody, the right to read and write is compulsory for every child but higher education is for the few who can meet the standard, that is how it is every where except in Nigeria, so JAMB has outlived its usefulness let's scrap JAMB for a merit based education system in Nigeria for the benefit of our Children.  #scrapjambnow #Nigeria +Nigeria We Serve  +BBC News +BBC Africa +VOA News +CCTV Africa +CNN International +ABC News +AFP news agency +Reporters sans frontières +United Nations +United Nations Human Rights +Channels Television  +Sun News Report +Daily Mail +Fox News +The Voice of Germany - Offiziell +News18 +OBSERVER +Amnesty International +Congressman Xavier Becerra +USA.gov +euronews (in English) +European Commission +Al Jazeera English +The White House   +The Real Donald Trump +Google Africa +AFPA +AFP Africa +The Sun +The New York Times +The Associated Press +Daily Trust +The Guardian +Rex Tillerson +Rex W. Tillerson Exxon +Fox News +Boris  Johnson   +GIDITRAFFIC +Amaka Ekwo-Marchie 



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