An #Igboman can never be a President of #Nigeria... If..

An #Igboman can never be a President of #Nigeria. If they make him a President, they will make him the worst president of Nigeria ever. If they don't impeach him before the end of his tenure, they will jail him at the end of his tenure either way they will make him a failure. 

An average Igboman doesn't care who becomes a President, his basic interest is equal rights and justice, he wants a competitive market, a merit based system where the best is celebrated not a system of mediocrity based on quota ideology and the concept of educationally less developed states.
A system that celebrates mediocrity will continue to move in circles, round and round without progress. They need a system that allows each people to develop at its own pace, managing its own resources with laws unique to its own environment, tradition and culture.
With this kind of a society, most people would rather be the governors of their people than be the President of a Nigeria. 

Alex Ekwueme was one of the founders of PDP, they went round the country, spent sleepless nights to put the PDP together. The Presidential ticket of the PDP was all but his until ex-president Ibrahim Babangida
, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar and their Northern Brothers Caucus stole his mandate and gave it to Olusegun Obasanjo, who just came out from prison broke. In an interview to the BBC then, IBB told the world that they needed a president who they can trust, someone who fought for the unity of this country. How many Igbo people will meet the criteria of having fought for the unity of Nigeria? 

Goodluck Jonathan became a President because the unexpected happened and they unleashed Boko Haram and their propaganda machine, he survived because of their concern for Crude Oil, this is also why he is not in jail already. Someone is talking about empowering the Niger-Delta, if Nigeria is really serious about that, why not create more local governments in Bayelsa State for instance that has only 8 local governments. +Nigeria We Serve  +BBC News +BBC Africa +VOA News +CCTV Africa +CNN International +ABC News +AFP news agency +Reporters sans frontières +United Nations +United Nations Human Rights +Channels Television  +Sun News Report +Daily Mail +Fox News +The Voice of Germany - Offiziell +News18 +OBSERVER +Amnesty International +Congressman Xavier Becerra +euronews (in English) +European Commission +Al Jazeera English +The White House   +The Real Donald Trump +Google Africa +AFPA +AFP Africa +The Sun +The New York Times +The Associated Press +Daily Trust +The Guardian +Rex Tillerson +Rex W. Tillerson Exxon +Fox News +Boris  Johnson   +GIDITRAFFIC +Amaka Ekwo-Marchie 



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