Vote of no Confidence on the Justice System

Vote of no confidence on the justice system, just had to stop by to get this shot. people are tired of seeing criminals return to the streets in matter of days from the police stations only to commit another crime. the question is, whose job is it to prosecute criminals and put them behind bars when they are caught, especially when those who caught them are not interested in the ''come today'' ''come tomorrow'' judiciary system of Nigeria. when this people are taken to the police stations by mobs and are abandoned there, often time they are released on bail by these police stations and since the mob has vanished and there is nobody to sue them to court they simply return to the streets often times within the space of a week, giving the erroneous believe that the Police are only interested in money, they take bail out money and releases them to their relatives.                                                                    Until someone takes the responsibility of suing criminals to court, getting them convicted and jailed, these kind of scenarios are  bound to continue. the scene took place in Umuna, Onuimo, Imo State.



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