If they can do anything for money, why not...?

They said that the Igbos love money, that there is nothing they won't do for money, I wonder what they are still waiting for, this should not be a problem should it? whether you say that he is a Nigerian or he says that he is a #Biafran, he is still an Igboman, an #Igbo-Nigerian or an #Igbo-Biafran. 

This is an opportunity for this theory to be proven once and for all, they should wire lots of money into his account and that of his loyalist without delay, in-fact, if he refuses

they can offer him the post of the Minister of Information or the post of an #Ambassador to the State of #Israel or maybe the post of our Permanent Representative to the #UN. Why waste time in courts when the issue can be sorted out with bags of money or did the young man refuse? 

Maybe it is not every Igboman that loves money that much after all, not all of them are angling to be the #President or Vice President of Nigeria or maybe time will tell but this face am seeing here in this picture, does not look like that of the politicians i know, this young man appear so confident, so resolute maybe our government needs to take a different approach towards solving this Biafran issue, as a personal view, i think a round table discussion, a give and take approach would be most appropriate for this situation, like former President Olusegun #Obasanjo said sometime ago, "to jaw jaw is better than to war war". 

This picture was downloaded from the facebook wall of Uchenna Okafor https://web.facebook.com/uchenna.okafor.9404/posts/781973341951725 showing the former Governor of Abia State Dr. #Orji Uzor Kalu (left) and Mazi Nnamdi #Kanu, the detained leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra #IPOB (right) who is standing trial for calling for the independence of Biafra.  



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