The #shadow of #death... #letter to a #friend

My Dear Friend,

As you walk through the valley of the shadow of death, 
you shall fear no evil for #Chukwuokike is with you 
in our prayers we shall continue to remember your #afflictions, 
we shall continue to plead your cause 
believing in the power of the #Almighty to create a part 
for you even where none exists. 

You have shown what it  means to be a man, 
you have proven that beyond words,
you have led by example, 
you have ignited the hearts of the weak 
we keep watching, believing that #Yahweh will come to rescue
that our response will not be put to test eventually 

But no matter what happens, 
we will never forget 
we will never relent 
we will keep keeping on 
till the gongs sound and the march begins 

Till then just know that we are here 
that we are silently watching 
that we are seeing and hearing 
all that is transpiring 
be rest assured that we are waiting... 



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