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When suddenly they cave in, everyone starts talking, especially if lives are lost. It makes head lines on the newspapers and media houses, what amazes some of us is that both the learned, the illiterate, government etc all have one person to blame.           The #TOWN PLANNERS and the town planning authorities, nobody talks about the #BUILDERS, #ENGINEERS, #DEVELOPERS and the #GOVERNMENT of the day. now, what are the politicians doing about our towns, and our rural areas?   Our towns are not budgeted for, they have no master plans, they lack infrastructures and most importantly there are no effective and enabling town planning laws to help police physical developing and deal with recalcitrant  developers. Now # Town Planning Authorities grant              development permits and supervises developments but what laws are provided by government to deal with engineers who cut corners and make use of inferior building materials? does the law empower the planning authorities to arr