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President Donald Trump will restore the American dignity and respect world over.

If i were a US citizen, I will vote for Trump with ten of my fingers, that man is true patriot, a hardcore American with the best interest of the USA and her citizens at heart. Trump speaks the way every patriot should speak about his/her country. Am not an American but people like us need a great America, an America we can understand, an America with an identity. This Obama's America is very strange to us, we don't understand it, we that are seeing it through the Televisions and Radio Stations are continually wondering if this is truly America. When you see America, you don't need to be told that this is America but these days, you need a Lab. Scientist to provide proof that you are looking at America. Moreover am scared, the way America is changing and redefining everything American, one day they are going to replace "in God we trust" with "in modernity we trust". Am scared of another democratic rule in America, though I don't know whether if

Marriage Lessons, part one. #marriagelessons #VOA #BBCNEWS #AFP

They have already started the marriage rites, two people in love preparing for the actual payment of the bride price. That fateful day, Johnson the would be groom was at home preparing to go out when his best friend of many years came knocking and after a little chat, he had hinted casually that he saw Mr. Johnson's would be bride entering a hotel. "Are you sure? Johnson hand inquired. "Did you see her with your own eyes?" He kept asking. His friend feigned anger for not being believed and went ahead to describe the clothes she was wearing.       Earlier that day, the would be bride had visited Johnson and had informed him that she was going to see her mother in the village. To support her movement to the village, he had given some amount of money for transport and another to enable her purchase somethings for the parents, she had thanked him dearly and left for the market. According to her, she needed to do the buying before going to her house to prepare for th