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Importation of Cattle Banned? more.

How much are we earning from the importation of Cattle into Nigeria? Importation of Cattle into Nigeria has completely wiped out local production in Beef(cow meat), Pork(pig meat), Mutton(sheep's meat) and Chevon(goat meat). Most Cattle in Nigeria are imported from Niger, Chad and Cameroon and these people simply move it across the border and then down south of Nigeria. Today, they no longer import only Cattle, they equally import Cattle rearing Expatriates from neighbouring countries, a very violent set of people who behave as if they are still in their jungles where no law and order exists. The resultant effect of their presence in our country is Cattle rustling, killing, raping, maiming, murder, destruction etc.  well, that is not the interest of this write up for now. Has it not gotten to the point where the importation of cattle into Nigeria would be out rightly banned to encourage local production? or atleast import duties are imposed on them. Imagine how much Nigeria

Buhari is pushing Ndigbo hard to leave Nigeria – Dr Chukwuemeka Ezeife Read more at:

...If the unity of Nigeria is not negotiable, then restructuring Nigeria cannot be negotiable because restructuring Nigeria is the only guarantee for the unity of Nigeria. ...Do you know that in this Nigeria, there is a state where a child must score 139 points in order to qualify to enter a secondary school, while from another state, you will have nine points? ...We discussed the problem that the South East is facing in today’s Nigeria. The problem of hatred from Mr. President. At the beginning, not everybody saw it. I saw it early enough and thinking it was a mistake and not a deliberate action, I started shouting. We have not been taken here, we have not been taken there, you have appointed 10 persons nobody from Southeast; you have appointed 20 people nobody is from Southeast, you have appointed 25, 30, 40 going further we have nobody, no soul from the Southeast.   ...So, if you push the Igbo out of Nigeria like Buhari is doing,  pushing Ndigbo hard to leave Nigeria and th