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Local Vigilantes versus Killer Fulani Herdsmen in Nigeria

My question is very simple, what is more important to the Nigerian #Police now, is it the location and arrest of the rampaging killer Fulani Herdsmen armed with AK47's, that are spreading death and destruction across Christian farming communities or the disarmament of the local community Vigilantes that are staying guard to protect their farms, women, children an the elderly from these brutal savages called herdsmen.  The hunting rifles and long barrel guns used by these Vigilantes can not in anyway compare to the modern AK47 used by the Fulani Herdsmen. Why then the sudden rush to have them disarmed when the Police are yet to put a stop to these incessant massacre of innocent farmers across States of the Federation. The Police should concentrating on arresting and prosecuting these killers first, when Peace is finally assured then they can start their disarmament programe from the Civilian JTF to the Vigilantes and then to individual gun owners.  Doing that now will o