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African Traditions... part 1


Your presence is... your fragrance... more.

Your presence, is all that it takes, to bring out the best that, resides in me. To fill that gap, that got me trapped, and to unlock that gate and get me freed. As free as air, to fill the depths, and climb the heights, of all, the world provides You may not know, the joy that comes- from getting lost there, in your arms, feeling the warmth, the whisper, the silence, and the beating of the hearts. Your presence, your fragrance, nothing else, is of importance just you and you and you.                                       - Obaai #rawhearts #rawafricatv #ranblog  +RAW AFRICA TV   @afrobaisms @rawafricanews

Every country needs a Donald #Trump because...

Every country needs a Donald Trump A man who understands the implications of a illegal migrations, A man who understands the need for secure borders, A man who believes in the building of walls A man who understands that walls must have doors And that any one who passes through the window is a thief A man who understands that the traditions of indigenous people must be respected by those who come to live among them. Even those who claim not to believe in walls build houses with walls and create doors without walls there can't be doors and houses go live in the fields and the streets if you don't believe in walls. A country without walls will eventually collapse Ghana, Songhai and Mali empires of Africa all collasped becaused they were first infiltrated I stand 100 percent with Trump, like it or lump it whether he fails or wins it, with him I'll still stand Trump is my man, besides, the world needs a personality, a bold and courageous person to lead a