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Plateau State of Nigeria withdraws from being part of grazing reserve.

Plateau State of Nigeria has withdrawn from the proposed federal government grazing reserve. This was announced by Jafaru Wuyep, the State's Commissioner for Water Resources. This he said was the resolution of stakeholders in the state.    +Nigeria We Serve    +BBC News   +BBC Africa   +VOA News   +CCTV Africa   +CNN International   +ABC News   +AFP news agency   +Reporters sans frontières   +United Nations   +United Nations Human Rights   +Channels Television    +Sun News Report   +Daily Mail   +Fox News   +The Voice of Germany - Offiziell   +News18   +OBSERVER   +Amnesty International   +Congressman Xavier Becerra   +euronews (in English)   +European Commission   +Al Jazeera English   +The White House


ONYE-IBO: the-Igbo-person was what they used to call us back in the days. Every person wanted to visit the largest market then in West Africa, located at Onitsha and also visit other towns like Enugu, Aba and Port-Harcourt all in ONY'IBO LAND: the-Igbo-person's land. One of the first Nigerians to build houses with doors that could be locked in the North where from ONY'IBO LAND. They were every where, working with the railway cooperation, the civil service, the Military and Paramilitary, Construction Companies etc they also dominated the various markets. The United Kingdom were the Colonial Masters but Ibos like they call them were the Colonial Teachers, teaching the skills of the white man to the North in particular. The skills of the Ibo stunned their colleagues and left them bewildered, a very competitive, hard working, bold and daring set of Blacks. Even the white man couldn't help acknowledging the excessive potentials of the Ibo in a merit oriented society, b

The truth about Tithes that your Pastor won't tell you.

 Tithe is an obligatory offering from the law of Moses requiring ten percent of an Israelite’s first fruits. It also provided for the Levitical priesthood. Hello, are you with me? God commanded that the land of Israel be shared among eleven tribes of Israel only excluding the tribe of Levi. These Levites are a tribe of Priests, who minister daily in the temples, they have no land inheritance anywhere. Although the first tithe took place in Gen. 14:19-20.  God made it a permanent commandment to the children of Israel in Lev. 27:30-34 (  Every tithe of the land, whether of the seed of the land or of the fruit of the trees, is the Lord’s; it is holy to the Lord. If a man wishes to redeem some of his tithe, he shall add a fifth to it. And every tithe of herds and flocks, every tenth animal of all that pass under the herdsman’s staff, shall be holy to the Lord. One shall not differentiate between good or bad, neither shall he make a substitute for it; and if he does substitute for it, then