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Marriage Secrets Chapter I

1. Marry someone who has ONE thing you desire the most, your biggest turn on.  Before you get married, you must first identify the quality you would love the most in your spouse that is the most important quality of all the qualities you desire to find in your husband or wife to be. No one they say is perfect, it is difficult to find a person who is going to have all the qualities you desire, so you just pick the most important one, these qualities may include:  a. He/She must be handsome/beautiful  b. Must be taller or shorter  c. Must be slim/fat  d. Must be well educated or at least a secondary school leaver  e. Must be working or at least have a sustainable means of livelihood  f. Must be good at the kitchen or at the bed  g. Must come from a rich family background  h. Must come from a politically connected family i. Must be a good Christian  j  Must be a good Muslim  k. Must be honest and kind  l.  Must have time for me  m.Must be a hard worker.