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Amazing Sarah, Dazzles in her latest... click

     Miss Sarah Dazzles in her latest pictures released online via her Facebook profile.           Sarah Nwakamma  added  11 new photos . 17 December at 22:27  ·  Women on point  

#Wizkid versus #Tekno

Wizkid and Tekno and two Nigerian Hip-Hop Artist, these guys ain't just any Artist, they are some of Nigeria's finest, you hardly go to a party or club in Nigeria without hearing their songs. Honestly, I respect their level of creativity, you know some people think that it is easy to come up with something that people will appreciate, dance to and want to spend their money on it, if that was to be the case, we wouldn't  be having many hungry musicians on the streets. It is one thing to sing, one thing to have the money to produce it and a different thing all together for the beat to sale, to be acceptable to the general public. I get angry when some people start running their mouth like broken tap against our hard working youths doing their best not only to better their lives but to make people happy as well. My so called Lagosian friend said he is a fan of Wizkid but that he hates Tekno because he is lyrically bankrupt, isn't that arrant nonsense? Anyone who says

#SouthernKadunaKillings : Who cares?

There is a sustained, well coordinated, gradual and systemic massacre of the #Indigenous Christian Communities of Northern Nigeria #ICCNN more especially in Kaduna, Plateau and recently Benue States. The social media is awash with gory pictures of these atrocities from time to time. This is a well orchestrated gradual decimation of Indigenous Christian Populations in Northern Nigeria, the details are every where on Facebook and Twitter from eye witnesses on ground but who is investigating these killings? Who is talking about it? have you heard of any one arrested for these crimes? have you heard of anyone tried for these killings, have you seen anyone who has been convicted of these crimes against humanity in Nigeria? On the 24th of December 2016 as usual, '' Unknown to them some Fulani men dressed in Military Uniforms disquise as soldiers have entered Goska their village that nite despite the curfew imposed by ELRUFAI. That was the Christmas they never saw. They we

BUSTED !!! #Phyno setting the streets on fire... Click to read more.

#Nigeria #Rap #Artist, Phyno Fino is fast becoming the king of the streets, setting everywhere ablaze with his hyper hot and fast lyrics which is a fusion of his native Igbo language and English. Phyno is taking over, revolutionizing #Igbo Rap most importantly. He has a way of carrying the street along in his lyrics, using the everyday language of the streets, which has seen him putting Enugu on the map of raps. Enugu the capital of Enugu State was popular known outside the state as the Coal City but Phyno evolution has ensured the replacement of the name with the code ''042''. No one knew that Igbo rap will have this level of acceptability across the music industry in Nigeria although others before him also did great, musicians like #Illbliss, #Mr Raw, #SlowDog and a host of others but Phyno has really surged past them already and is still moving on from one hot rap to the other and when I had this track "Abulo" on the Radio, Nwanne kupu, this guy called

BREAKING: #Libyan #Airline #hijacked...

  A Libyan Airline with more than one hundred passengers has been reportedly hijacked and forced to land at an airport in Malta. As at press time information filtering through is still sketchy but the hijackers appear to be demanding for refueling to enable them take off to an unknown. BBC in their online page reported : reported further that, "The Airbus A320 was flying inside Libya for Afriqiyah Airways when it was diverted, local media report. There were two hijackers involved, who threatened to bomb the plane, according to initial reports. Maltese PM Joseph Muscat said security forces were standing by. Malta International Airport confirmed on   Twitter   that there had been an "unlawful interference" at the airport. n destination..." read more on                                                       

If they can do anything for money, why not...?

They said that the Igbos love money, that there is nothing they won't do for money, I wonder what they are still waiting for, this should not be a problem should it? whether you say that he is a Nigerian or he says that he is a #Biafran, he is still an Igboman, an #Igbo-Nigerian or an #Igbo-Biafran.  This is an opportunity for this theory to be proven once and for all, they should wire lots of money into his account and that of his loyalist without delay, in-fact, if he refuses they can offer him the post of the Minister of Information or the post of an #Ambassador to the State of #Israel or maybe the post of our Permanent Representative to the #UN. Why waste time in courts when the issue can be sorted out with bags of money or did the young man refuse?  Maybe it is not every Igboman that loves money that much after all, not all of them are angling to be the #President or Vice President of Nigeria or maybe time will tell but this face am seeing here in this picture, d

Super Falcons of Nigeria: the crying champions.

How can you describe this scenario, they fought with the last drop of their blood to become the Champions of Africa for the 8th time, defeating the host Cameroon to lift the trophy right their before their fans.    The Nigerian ladies celebrated like hell, they must have been very happy, they must have expected a very wonderful welcome party at home, how the Captain must have dreamed of the moment when she would hand over the cup to the President, with all the glits and glamour.  How would they have imagined that they would have to beg for even their match bonuses and allowances, pity, now they are on the streets protesting to be paid. There is a report that the  sports minister went on air to say that they are being owed because no one anticipated that they would win, pity, so the sports ministry was actually praying for them to fail. They expected it to be another jamboree as usual, then they would blame the coaches and relieve them of their duties. Another round of intervie

The #shadow of #death... #letter to a #friend

My Dear Friend, As you walk through the valley of the shadow of death,  you shall fear no evil for #Chukwuokike is with you  in our prayers we shall continue to remember your #afflictions,  we shall continue to plead your cause  believing in the power of the #Almighty to create a part  for you even where none exists.  You have shown what it  means to be a man,  you have proven that beyond words, you have led by example,  you have ignited the hearts of the weak  we keep watching, believing that #Yahweh will come to rescue that our response will not be put to test eventually  But no matter what happens,  we will never forget  we will never relent  we will keep keeping on  till the gongs sound and the march begins  Till then just know that we are here  that we are silently watching  that we are seeing and hearing  all that is transpiring  be rest assured that we are waiting...         Your Boys and Girls.                        

#Facebook, #Twitter and #free speech

Facebook, Twitter and other social media must rise up above partisan politics and the #Establishments in various countries of the world to defend the right to #freespeech on their platforms.  They must not succumb to intimidation and harassment from governments of the world. They need to understand that they are the last hope for humanity, the home for the common man on the streets of the cities and remote villages of this world, the only place you can authoritatively feel the purse of the down trodden.  Where we gather to speak our minds and express our innermost desires, they may be making money but they render one of the biggest and most essential service to humanity. The project of social media is one that must not be allowed to die or to be influenced by governments of this world.  Owners of these plat forms should rather strive to encourage more uses, they should collaborate to cover more rural areas and if possible look into the issue of free wifi, network, data