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From being Single to being Engaged... protecting your heart.

When it comes to marriage, receiving an engagement ring, does not imply that one has been engaged, especially if the Lady is Igbo. Accepting a ring only means that the Lady has accepted the marriage proposal and nothing more. These days you see ladies rushing to their Facebook profile to change their status from single to engaged, does that make any sense? In Igboland, a woman is said to be engaged to a man for the purpose of marriage only when the prospective husband and his relatives has taken a gallon of palm wine to the prospective Bride's family for the second time and the wine accepted and drank by the Bride's Family.  On their first visit, which usually takes place in the village, the parents of the would be Groom presents their palm wine after introductions and then states their reason for being there.  The Bride's family accepts the palm wine on the basis that it is meant for fact finding. As a rule, the palm wine must be finished that day or the remai