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Who do you blame for a Building collapse???

Honestly, when ever there is a Building Collapse, especially Buildings that are still being constructed, who do you blame???  a. Engineers b. Architects  c. Town Planners d. Builders   e. Politicians  f. Owners of the building.                                                         #Nigeria  +Nigeria We Serve    +BBC News   +BBC Africa   +VOA News   +CCTV Africa   +CNN International   +ABC News   +AFP news agency   +Reporters sans frontières   +United Nations   +United Nations Human Rights   +Channels Television    +Sun News Report   +Daily Mail   +Fox News   +The Voice of Germany - Offiziell   +News18   +OBSERVER   +Amnesty International   +Congressman Xavier Becerra   +euronews (in English)   +European Commission   +Al Jazeera English   +The White House     +The Real Donald Trump   +Google Africa   +AFPA   +AFP Africa   +The Sun   +The New York Times   +The Associated Press   +Daily Trust   +The Guardian   +Rex Tillerson   +Rex W. Tillerson Exxon   +Fox