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#Vincent versus #Olisey's Ego. Coaches who can't manage their team's assets will always lose their jobs. #Nigerian #Super Eagles.

 They always make the same mistakes, their #ego, their greatest enemy, our indigenous #coaches find it difficult to rise above their #inferiority complex. As former footballers themselves, they all want to prove a point, to reduce their players to nothing, to say i was better than you during my days. Some of them are simply envious of the achievements of those they are coaching, they may not say it but the feeling lurks some where in the bottom of their heart.  Honestly, they work better with the junior teams because they are young, very obedient, tolerant and eager to impress, not knowing what is obtainable however the bigger boys have seen it all, worked with better coaches and better teams and expects to be treated in certain ways as professionals. That explains why #Siasia was or is still good with the #Dream team and yet was having problems with #Mikel Obi and the likes. #Eguavon had they same problem with his big boys. #Keshi, on his own part preferred to pitch his ten