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Uptown Chidex MD releases her latest pics... checkout more of the pix.

Uptown Chidex Decoration Plaza MD: Miss Sarah, releases her new set of pix with friends on her FB profile,just checkout her stunning pix, chilling with friends. 

Nigerian Politicians on Heatwaves across the country

Ask a Nigerian Politician what they think about this heat. JOURNALIST: What are your thoughts on this heat Nigerians are complaining about and what is the government doing about it.? RESPONSES: LAI MOHAMMED: This is the result of PDP's misrule for 16 years, they stole the Ozone Layer. FEMI ADESINA: Mr. President promised us change in temperature, change is here, embrace it. AKINWUMI AMBODE: We have signed a $10million deal with LG to install air conditioners across the Lagos skyline. IBE KACHIUKWU: I assure you the heat will disappear by 2pm, 29th May. BUKOLA SARAKI: Tinubu wanted the heat to be more than this but I opposed him out of my love for Nigeria, that is why they are witch hunting me. GOODLUCK JONATHAN: Thi heat was not this bad when I left Office/Power but Nigerians did not appreciate me. ADAMS OSHIOMHOLE: Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala stole the #100 billion meant for temperature control research. NASIR ELRUFAI: We are in talks with General Electric to see how t