There is a school of thought which believes that this is a game gone sour, do you believe them? whether you believe them or not, and whether it is true or false, time is a better judge as we keep our fingers crossed waiting for more time to elapse. 
They said that #Boko is the name of the game and Amnesty is the goal. To score the goal, you first need to be taken serious and so you must do it all with #every every and when things go out of hands the referee will put his whistle in his mouth and point to the center circle, it is game over and the players who scored the goal

will go home with the trophy: the blessings of a #federal #amnesty. Those who got it first did so with a legitimate demand or don't you think so? so says the same school of thought and those who think they deserve it too are now in the field, will they get it at last? others are still watching to see what happens. For some others like us, some where in our hearts we earnestly wish that the end of this game of bloods will prove this school of thought false but who are we? the truth is that if amnesty becomes a national cake hmmm! the temptation to get rich or die trying may become too expensive for the givers, we sincerely hope that those who should think are not thinking with their anus any ways some others just want them to.



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