Am a full time #African village man, the only reason am not in the village is because of work and money but even at that, any opportunity to visit the village for me is a must, i love to roam in the wild, to go fishing all night or setting traps for bush meats.
Bush meats are my favourite delicacy, watering them down my system with a cup of fresh palmwine, and "ugba agworo agwo". why should i spend all that money to buy a plot of land in #banana island, #Ikeja, #Lekki, #Abuja, let alone going to buy them in #LONDON and #USA: am i crazy? except maybe am buying them for business, to let out to others or just a little cozy place where i can relax when i come for business.
If i ever go to any such places, it would be to acquire wealth or education and return as quickly as possible, man!! the amount of money needed  to acquire a wonderful property in some of these locations is enough to build a modern castle in a village and then employ people to do your lawn, laundry, flowers  etc.
Infact, with the kind of amount of money some people loot from national treasury, you don't even need the services of #power-holdings, you just install #solar panels to generate #electricity for the entire village and sink boreholes for them too. With the help of latest technology, you can do business right from the comfort of your bedroom and attend meetings through video conferencing right inside your village and if you are so reach that you can buy a private jet then all your problems are solved.
enhheee! what of crime, won't you be shot or kidnapped? when you are a man of the people, the people will become your #police, afterall, even the thieves and kidnappers have bosses and their aim is money, give them the money and they will work for you, they need not kidnap you because with them at your gate, you are already kidnapped and your ransom is paid monthly, no one dares deprive them of that, so if am that rich, i don't need the police when i could raise myself an army of unemployed youths.
 What does it take to make people loyal? just keep putting enough food on their table and show them that you care for each and does not take sides, our problem is that we are too greedy, we just want to make and keep all the money for our unborn generation that is why we come to our own villages with police escorts and vehicles with tinted glasses.
If our governments can only tare the village roads, put in adequate health and education facilities, well staffed, provide good source of drinking water and electricity supply, so many of us won't need to leave the village and even if we do, people like me won't need to go to regular #pilgrimages anywhere else except my village, to be close to the trees in the bushes, the real wide, the hills and the valleys, the fast flowing streams, the damp clayey soils with earthworms and decaying leaves, the gentle chilly breeze from the little streams and the chipping birds on the trees... the village is the best place to be.



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