"AWAKIRI" the Dragon, too difficult to believe.

 That is the sketch of a Dragon, i never knew that a dragon has an Igbo name, so when someone mentioned it and i tried to argue, i was thoroughly schooled by many, in fact even the very old and the uneducated knows the name of this creature at a glance.
The most shocking part of the story is that they all agree that it does exist, that it spits fire, that it equally kills humans but only operates in the dark and in the forest or deserted areas.
According to them the only thing that drives it away is steady light, especially that from headlamp of vehicles, they also believe that when shot with guns, the beast suddenly turns into dry bones. this tale is too difficult for me to believe but everyone else around here believes they exists. The man below is one of those who strongly believes that it existed when he was a child, please do you believe him? they say that these creature is named "AWAKIRI" others call it "NMUMU OWA" maybe we need to bring in a scientist or a journalist to carryout more research.


  1. Yes it does exist. This is one of those things I pray that God will allow me to live long enough and have the resources to bring in National Geographic to research it before it becomes extinct. As a child in rural Africa I saw it twice . My father and grandfather believe Owaa nmumu in Igbo land of Nigeria to be evil spirit but now that I am grown I believe it to be a dragon as described in the bible in Job 41:12-34. While I cannot tell you it's shape or form, I can tell you that when it is on a tree, fire falls like rain, not flame but like someone is pouring down burning charcoal. When it is flying, it flashes a high beam as bright as a car headlight about 30 feet up in the air and instantly the light goes out. The next time it flashes, it would be 3 feet off the ground and quite a distance away. This flashing of light repeats like that, up high in the air and down, a few feet from the ground and when it is still by a tree it gives out fire as if one is putting out burning stick (charcoal). I wish more people who have experienced this can comment so that it will not be a fairy tale....BC.


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