U can't spend your entire life...

You can not spend your entire life trying to please somebody who had already declared you dead in his heart. It is our duty to love and respect everyone but to worship none other than "OBASI BIN'ELU", "EZE CHUKWU OKIKE ABHIAMA", the ALMIGHTY YAHWEH, the father of our Savior, Jesus Christ and the father of us all.

HE alone is our pastor, the worker of our own miracles, signs and wonders, our mighty fortress, our doctor, our connection to the top, our lawyer, our police, our breakthrough, our faith in HIM is unequivocal, our believe in HIM is unshakable, HE will never allow the evil wishes of our enemies to come to pass in our lives.

That you were not accepted, won't be the end of the world, the world won't stop to exist because you failed, the only thing that will end the world is the second coming of our Savior and even then there will still be a new heaven and a new earth.
so my dear this life is too short, make the best of it while you can and if that door won't open, check the next, it may open even without a knock, for me and my family, our choice is clear, by the grace of the ALMIGHTY, smiles shall be our portion this year and hence.



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