#Agatu Local Govt. under the #siege of rampaging #Fulani #herdsmen in #Nigeria

#Agatu under the siege of rampaging #Fulani herdsmen, who are spreading death, destruction and terror every where, killing, maiming and plundering all the way.
Agatu is a local government in #Benue State #Nigeria, they are dying everyday in the hands of

migrant Fulanis, from where will their help come from, where are the #Nigerian #Police?, where are the Nigerian #Army? defenseless men are women are being hacked down in cold blood.
 now, it is
blood, blood, blood every where: #Aba, #Onitsha, #Ogoni, #Ubulu-uko, Agatu. who are those being killed, who are those doing the killings? #Amnesty International, #BBC, #VOA, #AFP, #CNN, #United #Nations, etc don't they have officials in this country, don't they have offices here, why are they all silent over these killings, maybe they are compromised,because in Nigeria anything can happen.
What is happening in Agatu is ethnic cleansing and the perpetrators need to be brought to book but who will bring them to book? they are the untouchables, from Jos to Agatu and
to other #middle #belt villages of Nigeria, who are mostly #Christians, the 3Muslim #Fulani #herdsmen are becoming the new #landlords with state sanctioned rights to move their cattle anywhere, anytime even into farm settlements of poor villagers, destroying their crops with impunity because their cattle must feed and not starve and whether you starve in place of their cattle that is irrelevant. They move around armed to the teeth with all manner of weapons and the police does nothing because they are the sacred tribe of Nigeria. If this is not tribal terrorism, please educate me more.  Today it is Agatu, tomorrow it maybe your turn, keep fooling around, keep waiting for the police until they slit your throat.



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