Igbo's, what do they want?

Q.  Igbo's, what do they want?- #Buhari  
A.  They want a comprehensive implementation of         the #national-conference-report, very simple.
      the national conference report symbolizes                 #equity, #justice, #equality and #fairness in a         one-#Nigeria, any thing short of that is                       marginalization in plain clothes.
      Nigerians met and agreed peacefully on the way forward for Nigeria, the real enemies of one-             Nigeria are those who are refuse to implement an #accord reached by all Nigerians because of             their selfish, sectional, religious or tribal interest.
The last time Nigeria fought a civil war, it was because a Northerner refused to implement an   acccord: the #Aburi accord signed in #Ghana and an Easterner declared a #Biafra as a republic.
 A bad experience is not worth repeating but those who forget their history, risk repeating it, anything to arrest the gathering tension is not a bad idea, like Obasanjo would say "it is better to jaw jaw than to war war" for those who understands.  



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