President Donald Trump will restore the American dignity and respect world over.

If i were a US citizen, I will vote for Trump with ten of my fingers, that man is true patriot, a hardcore American with the best interest of the USA and her citizens at heart.
Trump speaks the way every patriot should speak about his/her country. Am not an American but people like us need a great America, an America we can understand, an America with an identity.

This Obama's America is very strange to us, we don't understand it, we that are seeing it through the Televisions and Radio Stations are continually wondering if this is truly America. When you see America, you don't need to be told that this is America but these days, you need a Lab. Scientist to provide proof that you are looking at America.

Moreover am scared, the way America is changing and redefining everything American, one day they are going to replace "in God we trust" with "in modernity we trust". Am scared of another democratic rule in America, though I don't know whether if they win, they are going to continue with the #OBAMAIZATION of American values, norms, policies and everything America stood for, or whether they will turn a new leaf  but it is better to stick with America personified, Donald Trump. When i said am scared, am truly scared, the way Obama was redefining family values and marriage, am scared that another democratic rule in America might try to out do Obama by legalizing incest, as well as forcing Church Pastors to wed Human beings and their Pet Animals inside their Church in the name of Human Rights and freedom of worship and association.

If I am the president of Nigeria, my brother, I WILL BUILD WALLS, can't have strangers set fire on my house and then run back to theirs, you will only be accepted into my country if you are ready to obey our constitution period. Am praying for Trump or in his absence another republican but Trump is the man that will make America great again in so short a time. Americans i urge you to vote for Trump and restore the American dignity and respect world over. #votetrump #DonaldTrump #USA #VOA #America



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