ENUGU—Four months after herdsmen invaded Nimbo village in Enugu State, killing and maiming the villagers, another village in the same state was, yesterday, attacked  by, at least, 50 herdsmen leaving death and tears in their wake.  The invaded village was Ndiagu,Attakwu, Akegbe-Ugwu in Nkanu-West Local Government Area of the state. Some of the victims include 26-year-old Seminarian, Lazarus Nwafor, on a year apostolic work, who was slaughtered and a six month pregnant woman whose stomach was ripped open.

Vanguard’s visit to Ndiagu community at about 11.46am, yesterday, showed that the agrarian community, which is 10 minutes drive from Enugu metropolis, had been decimated, following the attack. Economic activities have also ground to a halt, while a graveyard silence pervade the community. Women and children wailed profusely, even as elderly men and youths lamented uncontrollably over the brazen manner herdsmen have raped, robbed, maimed and taken over their farmlands. How the bubble burst Romanus Ugwu, a farmer in the community, said:  “The Fulani herdsmen were grazing right inside our compounds where we reside last, Tuesday. Their cows numbered over 100. The women and children on noticing their presence, quickly rushed and rang the metal gong at the village square. “The sound emanating from the metal gong caused the cattle to scamper in disarray.  The herdsmen were infuriated by the action of the women and children.  They told the women and children that they would invade them that night. “True to their words, they struck at about 2.15am. The herdsmen climbed the ceiling of the rented house where the seminarian resided, jumped down and unlocked the metal door leading to the parlour. “They now surged in and attacked Ogbodo Nwarum’s family, whose house the seminarian was a tenant. They used a machete to slaughter the seminarian and slit open the pregnant woman’s tummy. Three other family members were seriously injured in the operation that lasted over two hours. Most of us scampered for safety with our children.”

Read more at: http://www.vanguardngr.com/2016/08/herdsmen-invaded-enugu-killed-seminarian/      
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