Every country needs a Donald #Trump because...

Every country needs a Donald Trump
A man who understands the implications of a illegal migrations,
A man who understands the need for secure borders,
A man who believes in the building of walls
A man who understands that walls must have doors
And that any one who passes through the window is a thief
A man who understands that the traditions of indigenous people
must be respected by those who come to live among them.

Even those who claim not to believe in walls
build houses with walls and create doors
without walls there can't be doors and houses
go live in the fields and the streets
if you don't believe in walls.

A country without walls will eventually collapse
Ghana, Songhai and Mali empires of Africa
all collasped becaused they were first infiltrated
I stand 100 percent with Trump, like it or lump it
whether he fails or wins it, with him I'll still stand

Trump is my man, besides, the world needs
a personality, a bold and courageous person
to lead a country like the USA
someone tough, someone who can order strikes
at enemy targets and prosecute a war if need be

The world doesn't need a soft America
America needs someone fierce and decisive
someone who can speak without a million advisers
We don't need a TV personlity in America
because America is not a piece of cake

America doesn't need a soft speaking diplomat
America needs a Trump
to protect Amricans and Americans at heart
in November, let it be Trump oh! Americans.
for me, if i ever become a president,
i would build walls, the safety of my people
shall remain non negotiable.
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