The best walls that Donald Trump can build...

I knew it would be Trump because Obama's policies were becoming increasingly satanic. I was pretty sure that another Democratic rule by Clinton would become a continuation of Obama's policies, the devil had an ultimate aim which was to change America's official Motto: "In God we trust". 
He would have used his angels of darkness to challenge that motto in the Federal Courts, they would have said that it is against freedom of religion bla bla bla and then they would be hailed as human right activist by the administration and before you say Jack Robinson, a new law would be promulgated and the slogan would be changed, anyone or school which uses it as American Motto would be sacked and or jailed. 
It was obvious that God won't allow that, at  least not for now, and the only credible alternative was President-Elect Trump. Now President Trump said he would build walls and am in complete support of such a policy that would combat illegal migration into the US. My concern is that for black Africans coming into the United States, building a wall may not be enough. As an Igboman here in Eastern Nigeria, West Africa, it is certain that every Igbo child here is dreaming of travelling overseas and the favourite destination is the US. Often times young men auction out all the goods in their shops, some sale their inherited landed property in an effort to raise money for their travelling expenses. The believe is that whether by hook or crook, it is better to try than to remain in the conditions existing here, everybody is looking for an opportunity to run away from home to get to the US or other EU countries. With millions of people still dreaming of going to America, would this wall be capable of keeping them out?. 
It is good to build a wall but it would be also good or even better to have good foreign policy that ensures that the right to life, right to frredom of associtiation, right to freedom of speech and moreover that a democratic culture is establish in countries of Africa and especially Nigeria. Look into energy supply and all that. A well established democratic government in Africa would complement his walls by keeping more people engaged in their countries of Origin.



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